If you want to be successful on the Internet it is imperative that the domain name you might eventually choose reflects the product or service that your business intends to provide customers. Research is a key component in the domain selection process and without a recognizable domain, in addition to many other factors, you will not turn profits. For instance let’s look at the brand Adidas. Adidas is a shoe maker. Known worldwide for their “3 stripe” brand of shoes they are found on the Internet at Adidas.com. This is the homepage for the shoe manufacturer. Clearly, the brand is in the domain name. The importance of including your brand in the domain goes without stating.

If Adidas used a domain such as shoesforsale.com they could easily be passed over in the search engines by Nike, Rebook and other shoe makers. With a name as recognizable as Adidas it is conceivable that Internet users specifically searching for Adidas shoes will type the correct domain name into a web browsers URL bar whereas your company, perhaps unknown to the vast majority of the millions of Internet users might not be recognized without brand recognition in the domain name.

When we are speaking in terms of turning a small retail business into a booming Internet retailer it is important for the brand to be recognized and easily found on the web. There are two types of websites on the Internet. The first is referred to as a passive website. The second is termed an active website. A passive website is one that built with functionality, which might offer products or a service for sale online, is placed on the Internet through a web hosting service provider and that is about the extent of it. The owner of the website will sit back; go about daily business ventures perhaps pertaining to a physical store location and wait (and hope) to see orders filter into the website. This is not the way to sell on the internet.

Business owners who run active websites have a completely different approach to selling on the internet. Through intense online and print marketing efforts these business owners (over time) often see significant profits through their website. The websites are updated often, whether its information or new products and services, and specific direct marketing actions are taken to ensure that customers are aware of their brand and where to find their web site. It is important to know which type of website you are currently running, and knowing how to change your site from passive to active if necessary.

Additionally, it is important to know that your web hosting company has provided you with the right hosting package and support to sustain a successful online business in order to turn profits and grow your business on the Internet. And of course, let’s not forget the importance of the domain name. The domain name is the starting place for every Internet business. Make sure that your brand is recognized first and foremost, market it secondly, and update the website often and consistently with your product or service line, keeping your customers hungry for more.